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Legal Separation

When a married couple no longer wishes to live together, Divorce is not the only option. Oftentimes Divorce will lead to financial conflicts or be otherwise undesirable for personal reasons. In these cases, a legal separation can be obtained.

A legal separation does not dissolve a marriage. Instead, it divides the financial responsibilities between the parties according to a written agreement. This includes the management of debts and property as well as, when applicable, the custody of children.

The paperwork required for a legal separation varies by state and there are six states that will not recognize its documentation These include Delaware, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Pennsylvania. Additionally, Louisiana does not recognize legal separation for non-covenant marriages.

If you live in a state that allows legal separation, the first step to obtain one is to begin by filing a petition with the proper court. Next, all paperwork must be completed and submitted. In some cases, before the legal separation is granted, one or both spouses must appear before a judge.

Ending a marriage, whether through Divorce or separation, is a trying time for both parties. There is a lot of legal work to handle, and that’s where We The People USA can help. Our expertise can aid you in the complicated process of filing and petitioning for legal separation. Let us guide you to a satisfying agreement and get you started on your new life. If you live in southern California, you can Contact our Long Beach office today at (562) 285-0885. You can also reach our Burbank office at (818) 848-4421.