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Fictitious Name Or DBA

A fictitious name, often referred to as a “Doing Business As” designation or DBA, is a trade name used by companies in the marketplace or legal arena. A company that is doing business as a particular entity with a name other than their original, corporate name is operating under a fictitious name.

Why You Should Register Your DBA

If your business wants to set up a new store, office or any other entity under a new name, you should always properly Register your DBA in order to ensure no other company will try to use that name for their own purposes. It will also protect you as a legitimate business when handling legal and banking transactions.

Advantages Of Doing Business As

There are several advantages to filling out and properly filing DBA forms any time your business wants to begin operating under a new name, including:

  • A DBA is far less expensive than incorporating your new name as a separate business.
  • A company that is “doing business as” another entity allows business owners to mingle funds, operating costs and profits rather than having to separate the two entities completely.
  • It protects you from infringement on your DBA name by other companies or individuals.
  • It allows you to collect payments and open and operate bank accounts under your DBA name.
  • Doing Business As gives you more opportunities to operate under a unique, attention-grabbing name tailored to a specific niche market.

Local And State Laws For DBAs

Many states and counties require that a fictitious name be registered in order to protect both consumers and businesses. It also ensures that consumers can determine which company or individual is ultimately responsible for any problems that might develop. If you’re considering registering for a fictitious name, be sure you understand the applicable local and state laws.

When you’re ready to Register your DBA, We The People USA can walk you through the process and ensure that you’ve filled out each required DBA form properly, protecting your company’s name and giving you a new and valued Doing Business As name for an exciting future.