When you tie the knot, the last thing on your mind is getting a divorce. However, the most current statistics show that the current divorce rate in the state of California is About 75%. Depending on the circumstances, divorce can be a nasty and expensive proposition. However, in the event you filing for an uncontested divorce, “We The People” offers professional divorce services.

We offer low cost divorce Services and help with divorce issues such as filing superior court forms and other court documents. Your Documents will be prepared accurately and professionally without the high costs of hiring an attorney. We can also help you in choosing the best course of action to handle your divorce proceedings.

We can also help with preparing responses to divorce, child support modifications, legal separations and other family law issues.

There is no such thing as an easy divorce but when you choose We The People’s divorce filing service can provide you with the help with divorce that you need so you can start moving forward with your life.


We understand that going through a divorce is never easy. Our staff understands your needs and is sensitive to the financial and mental strains that come with divorce. We understand that while we can’t relieve the stress associated with divorce, we can relieve a lot of the financial burden by providing professional divorce Services and a low cost.


With locations in Long Beach and Burbank, we have more than 25 years of preparing legal Documents for divorce. Call us at (562) 285-0885 (Long Beach) or (818) 848-4421 (Burbank) to schedule an appointment or to find out more information. At We The People, we do divorce for less.