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Professional Assistance With Real Estate Deeds, A Deed Of Trust Or Other Important Deed Paperwork

Deeds are written legal Documents which confirm that an interest, right or property has passed from one hand to another, so it’s important to ensure that they are created with all the proper elements including:

The word deed stated on the document as “This Deed” or “is executed as a deed.”
Use of the phrase “by these presents,” the word “hereby” or other legal term to show that the deed is conveying a privilege or item to another person.
A legal seal affixed to the executed deed.

At We The People USA, our legal experts can help you craft the proper deeds for your particular situation without the need of expensive attorney fees.

Real Estate Deeds

When most people think of deeds, they generally mean the Documents that transfer the ownership of commercial or personal real estate. It’s particularly important that this type of deed has all the proper legal elements including the names of the old and new owners, the location, a legal description of the real estate, and the signatures of those who are transferring (or selling) the property.

Once a real estate deed is officially signed and notarized, it must be properly recorded or filed with the land authorities in the county where the property is situated such as the Land Registry Office or County Records Office.

Our local offices have all this information available to help you file your deed on time and at the correct location.

Deed of Trust

A Deed of Trust, sometimes known as a Trust Deed, is a special document generally used to transfer a property title from a borrower to a third party or “trustee” (usually a trust or title company) that holds the title as security, or collateral, for a loan.

A Deed of Trust is similar to a mortgage in that the borrower has control of the property during the life of the loan as long as he or she is meeting the terms of the deed. Once the loan has been paid, the trustee will transfer the title back to the borrower.

As with a real estate deed, the signed and notarized Deed of Trust must be recorded in the proper land records office.

From deeds to other personal or business contractual agreements, We The People USA will help you create and file the right document for your needs. Visit us online or check out our store directory to find an office near you.